Consumer Products

Consumer product design has many facets. If the industrial design of the product—the curb appeal and user experience is critical for the market segment—the decision needs to be made on when and how to address this issue. We have in-house industrial design capability along with MEs, EEs, and programmers and, we view industrial design as a team sport. Of course, if some aspects of the industrial design are done, we can work within any defined context and handle the engineering or parts of the engineering.

Consumer products sometimes need U.L., FDA, FCC, TUV, EC and other regulatory marks. We have taken many products through these processes.

Many people are surprised to learn that manufacturing can be done locally (manufacturing is 16% of our economy or about $2.9T/year. For reference, imports from China in 2014 was $466B. Exports to China was $124B. This is to say we make (manufactured goods) six times as much here as we import from China.)

There are many, many contract manufacturers in California to fit just about any need. We know how to design and document a product in a manner suitable for contract manufacturing—if you are hesitant to do it yourself.

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