Almost all our customers (>90%) that we see on a daily basis are executives in their company. What we do is personal to them and that makes it personal to us. Accordingly, almost all our customers are local and in southern California. Well, anyone familiar with California’s business climate knows it is always energetic, diverse, and growing. So, the markets we service are local, energetic and diverse and include consumer and commercial products, medical and dental products, disposables and capital equipment.

Here is a short list:

  • golf clubs heads, grips, golf industrial equipment
  • weight machines, sports equipment
  • clothing
  • medical implants with electronics, ‘medical’ plant growing equipment, ‘medical’ plant using equipment
  • water bottles with electronics
  • underwater ear buds, sleep aid ear buds, high fidelity ear buds, fake ears!
  • bullets, rifle butts
  • stents (artery), IV devices and clamps and introducers and surgical tools
  • medical analytical equipment
  • Zigbee, BLE, Wi-Fi, Dust Networks and TI radios
  • Syringes and various needle like devices, one with a radio, another with 8 tips, one with a camera
  • Battery chargers, battery testers, solar chargers
  • Zigbee networks, Dust Wireless networks, 2.4 GHz star networks, IoT networks, M2M sensors
  • Vending machine electronics
  • All kinds of sensors hooked up to all kinds of electronics and radios and motors and cell modems
  • Wheelchairs, fishing chairs, chairs for the obese


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