We offer design services using our in-house staff of 12 to 15 MEs, EEs, and programmers. PCBA and embedded systems, plastic boxes to hold it, industrial design, including testers and related manufacturing equipment and tooling.

As of late, embedded systems using radios have been a common task for us. BLE and Wi-Fi in particular have been most active but other 2.4 GHz radios are occasionally seen. These products pull in the full team especially when you consider related manufacturing tasks, FCC and other regulatory tasks, prototype building and test and tooling development.

M2M or IoT (Machine to Machine and ‘Internet of Things’) is another very hot area for us. It pulls in the radios above but adds a layer of sensors, battery chargers or battery management, more elaborate embedded programming and a significant amount of system level architecture design.

We are ISO 9001 and 13485; this helps most when we have customers in the medical market. The medical market is very active in San Diego and California and places very broad demands on our team. Medical products can be simple and disposable like a paper cup or go in or on the body. Or, it can be equipment that makes medical products, test them, or even disposes of them. It is simply an amazing market.


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